Community Feedback and Next Update Name Reveal

We’re working hard on the next update and appreciate your patience. Here’s some of what you can expect soon.

Hey, exofarmers! We’ve been so caught up reading your helpful feedback and we wanted to come in here and address the most common points we’ve seen.

Addressing Common Feedback

  • Storage management: We want players to have more options to organize their storage inventory and perform quick storage management actions without navigating through menus. Improvements are planned for the upcoming update!
  • Map markers: A highly requested feature from our community has been for more map functionalities to be added. We absolutely agree and we’ve been working on ways to make the map marking varied to better suit our player’s needs. Also in the update!
  • Relocating holograms and buildings: We hear you on this and it’s important for us that our players have a more intuitive way to redecorate, whether they’re changing their mind about a decoration’s placement or experimenting with homestead layouts. Improvements are planned for the next update!
  • Day length: We want players to feel like they have enough time during the day to explore and take care of their farm before the day ends. You guessed it, also in the update!


The “Making it Home” Update is In the Works!

Yes, you heard it here first folks! “Making it Home” is the name of the next update as it’s going to be all about settling in on the Frontier and adding those important details to your homestead to really make it your home. We have a bunch of QoL improvements, accessibility features and bug fixes planned which we will talk more about in upcoming blog posts. We are so excited to hear what you think as we share more details!

Cozy & Family Friendly Game Celebration

We’re happy to announce that our friends at rokaplay are featuring us for their Cozy & Family Friendly Game Celebration. We will be taking a deep-dive into the game’s coziness system in an upcoming blog post, so stay tuned for that!

Lastly: All of yall’s love and excitement for Lightyear Frontier has given us so much energy and to be honest, launch feels like yesterday as the time has gone by so fast. We have really exciting times ahead of us and we can’t wait to talk more about what’s planned for the Making it Home update! More will be shared with you very soon.

Join us on our journey

Join us on our journey