Lightyear Frontier Roadmap

Giddy up, Exofarmers! We’re here to shine a light on the Lightyear Frontier roadmap once more!

More updates to come!

In case y’all missed it before, our roadmap is packed with plans to make the game even better on our journey to full release! From quality of life improvements to new features, there’s a galaxy of goodies awaitin’!

But we ain’t forgettin’ about y’all, folks. Your feedback and suggestions matter to us! Swing by our Discord server or use the in-game feedback tool and let us know what you’re itchin’ to see in the future of Lightyear Frontier.

And in addition to Discord, be sure to mosey on over to our social media channels for more updates on the roadmap heading your way soon, y’all!

Join us on our journey

Join us on our journey