December 2023 Update: Holiday Grab-Bag

One last present for y’all!

Just as promised in our previous update, we ain’t done sharing new goodness yet! Over the course of the development of Lightyear Frontier, we’ve built out some really cool features that haven’t quite fit the categories in previous updates! So, just as a special end-of-year treat for y’all, we’re gathering them all into a tidy, final list to share. Because we just appreciate y’all so dang much. Without further ado, here’s a holiday grab-bag of features coming to Lightyear Frontier!

Doing A Friend A Favor

You might be alone on your planet, but you ain’t the only one settled on the far reaches of the galaxy! As you build your presence on the Frontier, you’ll also be building your connections with others nearby. You’re already familiar with Dolores, your handy one-stop-shop merchant for anything to buy or sell, but you’ll have another friend to make: Ulf! Once you set up an interplanetary radio tower, you can reach out to Ulf, who will reward you for sending materials or completing tasks for him! As you work with Ulf, you’ll receive better rewards!

Make My Own Road

The mech’s treads are for paving just as much as plowing! The mech’s tractor mode is also meant for making paths on the ground, working the same way as the plow. Just swap to the path making function, choose a dirt or stone path texture, and lay down roads to your heart’s content! Same as the plow, you can just as easily delete or redo the path you created by switching to the “remove” mode.

Paint No Mountain High Enough

We know y’all have artistic inclinations, and we’re more than happy to let you express your creativity! We mentioned the Paint Gun back in September’s update, but now we’ve got a handy video to go with it! While you’re on-foot, you’ll use your Paint Gun to customize both your mech and your home to your own personal taste. You’ll have to pluck and mix pigments from Colorflowers first, using the Color Mixer construct. Once that’s done, load it into the hopper, and blast away! Change the color schemes of your mech, your buildings, or just freehand it as you make a masterpiece.

Team Update Section

As we close out the year, we’re always happy to have some self-reflection and talk about what WE’RE excited about! We asked Jessica and Joakim how they’re feeling about the holidays, what’s coming up, and what they love doing the most!

Jessica, Animator:

  • What are the most notable or most fun things you have gotten to work on during the year?

Making sleep and wake up animations for the animals, especially the Ratscallion! I could channel my inner tiredness and and make the animals morning grumpy 😀

  • What are your plans for the holidays?

Sleep. and and eat. repeat.

  • What are your thoughts for the upcoming launch next year and what are you excited for?

Super exciting! It’s gonna be so fun to see the fans finally be able to play the game 🙂

Joakim, CEO:

  • What are the most notable or most fun things you have gotten to work on during the year?

Finally got to dig deep into the narrative and write dialogue. Writing for games is what lead me into the industry in the first place. Hearing my material fully implemented with voice acting was a bit of an emotional experience, I didn’t expect it to hit me so hard. Can’t wait for the next opportunity to write more!

  • What are your plans for the holidays?

Spending Christmas and new years with my wife’s family in Regina, Canada. They’re extremely warm and welcoming, so it’s always a great time. Especially looking forward to seeing the niece and nephew, they’re 3 and 1 years old respectively and too cute for words.

  • What are your thoughts for the upcoming launch next year and what are you excited for?

I’m beyond excited to see our four years of work come to fruition and finally get into the hands of our ever-patient fans. More than anything, I’m thrilled to reach this milestone with the team we’ve assembled over the years and I see it as the beginning of a brand new chapter for the studio. We’ve got the people, we’ve got the skills, and we’ve got a solid game foundation to build on. All the ingredients are in place. Let’s cook!

Hats Off

When we began this year, we were apprehensive about what the reaction was going to be when we announced the delay. You not only understood, but continued to be just as excited to see what the game would shape into. Your support means so, so much to us, and we’re excited to see what you get up to when you land on the Frontier in March! Brace yourselves, because next year, we’re hitting the ground running. Until then, we’re taking some time for ourselves over the holidays! We’ll catch y’all then!

Join us on our journey

Join us on our journey