Lightyear Frontier Deep Dive @ PAX East!

What goes into making a beautiful, new planet to explore and grow crops on?

Heya folks! As promised, we had a chance to sit down and get into what drives our creative process! In this deep dive, we answer the questions that form the world we’re building. From core gameplay aspects to the question of why we chose a mech, we’re more than delighted to share our inner workings with you all as we form the Frontier.

PAX East Deep Dive

Ta-da! Here we are! While you’re here listening to us talk about how we envision Lightyear Frontier, you can also get a great look at both the world being formed and us building the world, piece by piece. Every tree, rock, blade of grass, what-have-you, is placed with tons of love and care, and we’re proud to be handcrafting such an expansive experience.

Building Lightyear Frontier is a personal endeavor for us not just because we’re passionate about building an amazing world, but also because we’re learning about how we work as a team. We can’t emphasize enough just how cool it is that everyone can come together and feel like they can make real contributions, and we’re hoping that you approach the Frontier the same way when the time comes. More hands make less work, yeah?

Suggestions & Sticking Around

Speaking of more hands, we’ve got a handy-dandy new feature suggestion tool on our Discord! Join in, head over to the #suggestions channel and check the pins for instructions on how to send a suggestion to the team! All suggestions entered are submitted directly to the team’s production backend! You can also just hang out and post your favorite pet pics and music, we’re always fans of either!

Join us on our journey

Join us on our journey