Free Limited Login Reward: Hot Rod Ferocious Mech Set

Saddle up and ride into the Frontier sunset with the newest mech set!

Hot Rod Ferocious Mech Set

Y’all loved the Vintage Taxi mech set, and now we’re back with another one for ya! Play Lightyear Frontier anytime between May 28th and June 30th to unlock this new limited-time set.

To get the Hot Rod Ferocious mech set, mosey on over to your mailbox and click the June Reward to redeem it. Then, dock that mech of yours at the nearest upgrade depot and let your creativity run as wild as a water-splashed Swiftplume!

Pop on those new parts, and while y’all are at it – use your paint gun to give ‘em your own personal touch! This set comes with loaded buckets of Black and White paint for y’all to use as you like. Go on! Get creative with those primary and secondary colors!

Last Chance to Grab the Vintage Taxi Mech Set

Y’all still have a few more days to claim the Vintage Taxi mech set before it’s gone on May 31st! That upgrade depot sure has plenty of storage for all these mech sets!

Xbox Simulator Sale

We’re mighty thrilled to be part of the Simulator Sale on Xbox and Microsoft Store! Join in on the fun and get your hands on Lightyear Frontier with a 25% discount!

Big news is on the horizon! Y’all just gotta hang tight for a few more days. Keep your crops watered and your chromaize popcorn ready.

Now, make sure to jump onto our Discord server and show off that wild new style of yours!

See y’all in the Frontier!

Q: Does the mech set save to your specific save file only, or is saved to your account?
A: It will be saved to your account so it will be available across all saves!

Q: Is launching the game and seeing the content splash screen enough to have the mech set permanently unlocked?
A: That’s right, all you need to do is boot up the game and see the content pop-up on the main menu screen for the set to unlock. You can go and redeem it at a later time and it will still be there.

Join us on our journey

Join us on our journey