Important Update on Mech Sets and Upcoming Improvements

We’ve heard your feedback, and we’re makin’ changes!

Howdy, exofarmers! As we continue our journey and approach our first major update, we want to address some of your feedback and concerns. Today, our CEO, Joakim Kopriva Hedström, is here to update y’all about our monthly mech sets.

Available For All, Forever

“As of today, we are making the May mech set retroactively available for anyone logging into the game. In addition, we will make both the May and June mech sets available forever going forward.

We hear your feedback loud and clear, and I want to personally apologize for missing the mark with the monthly skins.

Our intent had been to give you a reason to pick up and play the game between our content releases, but instead it had the opposite effect, making people feel discouraged if they missed the first one and anxious about missing future sets even if they had claimed it. I’m truly sorry for creating this negative experience.

Going forward, any future mech sets we had planned for monthly releases will instead be baked into regular game updates. We might still utilize the mailbox functionality to unlock new rewards in the future (like seasonal mech sets and decorations) but they would then be permanently available from that point on.

Thank you to everyone who shared their feedback on the monthly skins. Throughout Early Access we will continue to strive towards the goal of making Lightyear Frontier the best it can be, and that is only possible thanks to the vocal passion of you, the player.

Our next step in improving the game comes with the Making it Home update, which is now in its final stages. We can’t share a release date until the build has completed certification, but we are aiming to have it out before the end of June.

Thank you for being ever so patient with us and continue to give us your feedback, we appreciate every word!

Joakim Kopriva Hedström – CEO”

Join us on our journey

Join us on our journey