June 2023 Update: Better Together

Round up some pals, because that’s what we’re talkin’ about! Literally!

I thought I was alone out here! Well, ain’t a big deal, because more’s better in my book! Just the same, this update, we’ll be talking about how you and other exofarmers will come together in multiplayer to collectively build the homestead of your dreams, help each other out on the farm, or check out the wonders of the world! Read on, and we’ll clue you in. 

Home on the Range

We’ve laid out some of the convenience groundwork by providing some quality-of-life features when it comes to building, but these features are extra useful when you’ve got a friend to help you out! Using the structure hologram system, you can set up your base layout ahead of time so everyone can see what’s planned, and prioritize what you want to work on first. Then, once you’ve gone out and collected or refined the resources needed, everyone can allocate their resources to each hologram as they see fit!

Experts in the Field

The mech’s got the tools to plant, care for, and harvest crops, but you know what’s even better for a farm? TWO mechs. Or more! With more exofarmers in the fields, you can spread the workload. Get one pal to watch the wheat, you’ll take care of Polyberries, another to harvest the Chromaize, and so on! More hands make less work, and that means you’ll be able to handle wide swaths of land without losing a step.

Let’s Split Up

It’s a big, mysterious world out there beyond the fences! You’ve got a rig that’ll take you where you want to go, but there’s a lot of ground to cover. And you’ve only got so much time in the day! So, why not get a friend or three to do some exploration of their own? Divide and discover alien plants and animals, making your way through new environments and reuniting at the end of the day to share what you’ve found! The Frontier is yours to behold.

Crawl, Walk, Run

Multiplayer in any game is a fine balance to implement properly! Making sure systems are robust enough to let people play together, without any issues, is a big task to tackle. As we work towards Early Access, the initial experience for multiplayer means that you’ll get to enjoy the world with friends! At the same time, we recognize that the Frontier has a ton of potential when it comes to multiplayer features and gameplay. Rest assured, we’re continuing to look at ways we can innovate and make multiplayer even more enjoyable after our EA launch.

The People Have Spoken

We asked, and you answered: Out of all choices available for the next decor item to be added to Lightyear Frontier, the string lights were by far the most popular! Here they are in all their glory! Make your homestead nice and cozy, for those evenings staring at the moon from under the porch.

Going back to what we said about innovating on multiplayer gameplay, we’d like to ask y’all: What are some multiplayer features you’d like to see in Lightyear Frontier? From emotes to build templates, we’re excited to hear what you’ve got in mind when you start building your own homestead with friends!

On the Horizon

You’ve been familiar with the ol’ rig for a while now, but you might have noticed we put the mech back up on the lift, and slid a drip pan underneath so we could do some extra tinkering and retooling! And boy, lemme tell you what, it’ll change things a bit. But we’ll get to that when we get to that! In the meantime, catch y’all later, keep your eyes peeled for what we’ve got coming next!

Join us on our journey

Join us on our journey