Lightyear Frontier Arrives Early 2024

Say it with me: FINALLY.

You’re reading it right, y’all: Lightyear Frontier arrives on PC, Xbox Series S|X and Xbox Game Pass in Early 2024!

Whew, I’ve been excited to say that.

In your journeys as an exofarmer, you’ll join your friends in making a mark on the Frontier as you build your new home! Come together and harvest resources, contribute to new structures, and divide to discover the hidden secrets of the Frontier. Even better yet, you’ll be able to get your farm up and running through crossplay on PC, Xbox Series S|X, and Game Pass when Lightyear Frontier releases! We’ll have more information on exactly how multiplayer comes together soon, so stick around and keep an eye out!

We’re not quite done sharing new content, though! Throughout the next week on our Discord, we’ll be sharing new mech designs you’ll see in Lightyear Frontier that you’ll be able to decorate your mech with! (There’ll be more on that later, but for now, we’re just too excited to not share it with y’all.)

Join us on our journey

Join us on our journey