Lightyear Frontier is out NOW

Settle on a beautiful new planet, build your farm and uncover ancient secrets in Lightyear Frontier

5… *A low deep rumble of the engines as they power up*… 4… *Mechanical groans and creaks*… 3… *Communication radio crackles*… 2… *One final glance at the world y’all ’bout to leave behind*… 1… Ready for takeoff!

Lightyear Frontier has finally landed!

We’re beyond excited that the Lightyear Frontier is available for y’all to start playing on, Xbox Series S|X, Game Pass and Steam TODAY!

Oh my stars! What a journey this has been. So many of you have played the demo, we’ve read your comments and we are so thankful to have had you, our awesome community, with us and supporting us throughout this crazy adventure. Thank you for being with us and we hope you have a blast playing Lightyear Frontier!

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Early Access is like barn-raising—we’re in this together! Your insights and ideas will help shape the future of Lightyear Frontier. Let’s craft a gaming experience that’s as cozy as a front porch swing. Leave your feedback using the in-game feedback tool or join our Discord and drop it there.

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Join us on our journey

Join us on our journey