Making it Home Community Photo Challenge

We wanna see y’all create and capture the most inviting homesteads!

Howdy, exofarmers!

To celebrate the release of the Making it Home update – bringing y’all plenty of new decorations to cozy up your homesteads and a heap of new Photo Mode features to help y’all take the perfect shot – we’re excited to announce a Community Photo Challenge!

Theme: Making it Home

The theme for this challenge is all about creating and capturing the most inviting homestead you can. We wanna see how y’all transform your space into a true home on the Frontier. Use the new items, play around with the in-game camera settings, and let your creativity run as wild as a Swiftplume!

How to Participate

  • Create Your Homestead:

Decorate your homestead using the new items from the Making it Home update. Make it as cozy and inviting as possible – think lights, plants, wall decorations, and anything else that hollers “home” to you!

  • Capture the Moment:

Use the in-game Photo Mode to take stunning screenshots of your homestead. Experiment with angles, lighting, and framings to show off your creativity!

  • Share Your Masterpiece:

Post your best screenshot on social media or on our Discord server using the hashtag #LYFMakingItHome. Make sure to tag us @PlayLightyear on socials so we can see your mighty fine creations!

  • Join the Fun on Discord:

Share your screenshots in the dedicated Photo Challenge channel on our Discord server. Engage with and get inspired by your fellow exofarmers!

Deadline & Winners:

We can’t wait to see how y’all are making it home on the Frontier! We’ll be picking our favorite entries and sharing them in a dedicated post on our platforms, including a blog post on the Lightyear Frontier website and Steam page!

Make sure to submit your entries by July 17th for a chance to get featured.

Happy decoratin’ and snappin’, exofarmers!

In case y’all missed it: Our artists Christina and Jonas have a good ol’ chat about the new wall decorations here, while our Lead Technical UI Designer Cornelis breaks down all the new Photo Mode features here.

Join us on our journey

Join us on our journey