Making it Home Update Drops on June 26th!

Buckle up! We’re finally ready to spill the beans about the release date of our upcoming update.

Howdy, exofarmers!

We’ve got BIG NEWS for y’all. We’ll be Making it Home by June 26th!

That’s right! Our first big update, previously known as Mini Update 1, is landing on your edge of the planet in just 2 days! This update comes with some of YOUR most requested Quality of Life improvements – and a heap of new decorative items to discover and build!

Get excited for:

  • Better storage and inventory management
  • Map markers
  • Farmer and mech emotes
  • Plantable bush sprouts
  • New mech sets
  • Wall-mounted decorations
  • And more surprises!

We’re also squashing bugs and tweaking some features, including daylight time and Lola’s visiting hours.

Now, mark your calendars and set your alarms. Steer your mech over to our Discord server and let us know which new features you’re most excited about! We can’t wait to see what y’all create with this update.

See you in the Frontier!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this update add story progression?

A: While we are hard at work continuing the story and bringing y’all more regions to explore, this update is focused on adding QoL improvements and new items.

Q: Will you add interiors to the game?

A: We hear y’all, and we know this has become a popular request! It’s something we’ve definitely been considering. However, due to the complexity in the way we’ve originally designed our game, we’ve decided to prioritize other features for now.

Q: Will the in-game days be longer?

A: We’ve tweaked the settings to extend daylight time and shorten the nights, giving y’all more time to get your daily tasks done before the dark settles. The overall real-time duration of an in-game day remains unchanged. While we’re exploring the possibility of lengthening the day, we first want to hear what y’all think of this new adjustment. We’re listening to your feedback!

Join us on our journey

Join us on our journey