Lightyear Frontier Goes On Tour, Plus Demo News!

FRAME BREAK goes on tour to show the very first playable guided demo for Lightyear Frontier!

Hey there, exofarmers! We know we’ve been a bit quiet recently, but that’s because we’re enjoying a bit of a breather before we get the rig rolling again. Don’t worry, though, we’ll have our first real post-showcase update for you all soon!

In the meantime, we’re also going to be taking our own long-distance journey as we make a stop at events around the world! Where are we going, you might ask? Well, read on and find out!

BitSummit X-Roads

Our first stop is quite a ways away: We’re going to be heading to Kyoto, Japan to participate in BitSummit X-Roads! Attendees will have a chance to play a guided version of our demo for the first time, in addition to the other amazing indie games that are slated to be included in the event!

To our Japanese exofarmers、 お会いできるのを楽しみにしています!


That’s right, FRAME BREAK will be at Europe’s largest gaming convention! You’ll have a chance to meet the members of our team in person, plus a chance to play the guided demo for Lightyear Frontier, available exclusively on the showroom floor! We’re excited to give fans a first-ever experience as you settle into the cockpit of your mech, ready to foster a healthy crop and build your very own lovely homestead.

As you play, members of the FRAME BREAK and Amplifier teams will be there to help you along and point you in the right direction! Explore the vast wilderness of this new and vibrant world!

And Now, For A Demonstration


We know a lot of you are incredibly excited and interested in the opportunity to play Lightyear Frontier! We also know that it might be somewhat of a bummer that our guided demo is limited to in-person attendees, and wondering why that might be.

To pull the curtain back, we’re re-working our in-game tutorial and still working on our demo processes, making sure that they function correctly and smoothly! We want to make sure that your first foray into the Frontier is the experience that we want to convey, and right now, the way we can do that is by having our team members there to help guide players in the right direction. Without that, we’d not only be putting out an incomplete demo, but also setting the wrong expectations as a result.

Rest assured, though, we’re working to make a time and opportunity for folks to play Lightyear Frontier before the Early Access release! Community input is important to us, and without it, we’d be shutting the door on the chance to balance and improve the game, as well as the chance to implement some really cool ideas from the community.

We’ll have a development update for you to check out soon, so watch this space for more info! Hopefully, it’ll paint a good picture on what’s to come! See you soon, exofarmers!


2022年7月ニュース – 『ライトイヤーフロンティア』がツアーに参加!さらにデモのお知らせも!?



BitSummit X-Roads

一番最初の目的地はかなり遠く離れた国です。BitSummit X-Roadsに参加するため、京都に向かいます!このイベントには沢山の素晴らしいインディーゲームが参加しているとのことですが、それに加えて、私たちのデモのガイド付きバージョンを初めてプレイしてもらえる機会を設けました!



FRAME BREAKはヨーロッパ最大のゲームコンベンションに参加します!FRAME BREAKの開発メンバーに直接会えるだけでなく、このイベント限定の『ライトイヤーフロンティア』のガイド付きデモをプレイできるチャンスです!コックピットに乗り込み、作物を育て、自分だけの素敵な農園を作るという、ファンにとって初めての体験ができます。

また、ブースではFRAME BREAKとAmplifierのチームが、プレイヤーの皆さんをサポートします。広大な荒野を駆け巡り、新たな世界を創造しに来て下さい。




でも、早期アクセス前に皆さんには『ライトイヤー フロンティア』をプレイしてもらえる時間と機会を作れるよう大絶賛開発中なので、ご安心ください。コミュニティからのゲームへのフィードバックは私たちにとって重要であり、それがなければ、ゲームのバランス調整や改良の機会や、コミュニティからの素晴らしいアイデアを実装する機会を閉ざしてしまうことになります。



Join us on our journey

Join us on our journey