Patch Notes July 4th (v 0.2.687.0)

Ulf is back at the Radio Tower, thanks to our latest bug-squashing patch!

Howdy, exofarmers!

Thank y’all for keepin’ us posted on them bugs in the Frontier! We’ve wrangled up a whole mess of ’em with this patch. Best news of all: Ulf is back, asking for your resources at the Radio Tower!


  • Removed Zappertwigs from Steel Electronics’ crafting recipe
  • Further optimizations to harvesting and use of the Vacuum Harvester
  • Improved the way objects get sucked in by the Vacuum Harvester
  • Reduced the range of the Vacuum Harvester slightly (base value and upgraded value)
  • Added SFX to Trade and Customization menus
  • Removed numpad keybindings for emotes (These were not supposed to be in the game)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where you’d never get any requests from Ulf in the Radio tower (You might need to sleep one night before you get them)
  • Fixed issue where Radio Tower would sometimes show you merged visuals from multiple characters
  • (Xbox) Fixed an issue where signs got censored while playing offline
  • Fixed issue where emotes in Photo Mode would look incorrect while holding a tool
  • Fixed issue where the foundation under constructs would sometimes disappear, causing them to float in the air. (You will need to rebuild them to fix any existing floating constructs)
  • Fixed Silo accepting multiple item stacks if added via physical contact with a pickup
  • Fixed issue where the sorting menu opened automatically when opening the Silo menu
  • Fixed issue regarding recipes pinned in the Advanced Furnace not displaying titles correctly
  • Eliminated distant visual artifacts that could appear when looking towards the dam
  • Updated one of the grass meshes so it floats less above the ground in most cases

We’re mighty thrilled to have y’all with us on this journey, and we hope you’re having a blast in the Frontier! Mosey on over to our Discord server and share your best moments with us.

Happy farmin’!

Join us on our journey

Join us on our journey