Patch Notes June 28 (v 0.2.671.0)

Y’all’s feedback helps us squash them bugs and make the Frontier even better!

Howdy, exofarmers!

We’re over-the-moon excited seeing y’all enjoy the Making it Home update! As always, we’ve been listening to your feedback and thanks to y’all, we’ve been able to locate and squash a couple of bugs with this patch.


  • Updated the Merchant’s license plate
  • Swiftplumes have a new idle animation
  • Reduced performance impact of harvesting lots of plants at once with the Vacuum Harvester
  • Added new interact animation for when the Exofarmer is not holding any tools
  • Increased drop rate of Hardwood from trees and reduced Hardwood’s weight

Bug fixes

  • Fixed keyboard and mouse button icons being used on Xbox in many places, even when using a gamepad
  • Fixed issue where the Laugh emote wouldn’t hide your equipped tool in Photo Mode and when seen by others
  • Fixed multiplayer issue where trees, rocks and other destructible objects could desynchronize between players
  • Fixed the “Time of Day” Photo Mode setting not working
  • Improved collision on Barn, fixing issue where posters could not be built on certain walls
  • Fixed Woven Garden Wall and Boarded Garden Wall not being saved
  • Fixed P.I.C.K.-Axe VFX sometimes continuing to play after entering the mech
  • Fixed issue where Morning Drapes could dive straight into the ground, instead of just while over the water
  • Added geometry to the backside of the fuse slots inside a late game area
  • Fixed plants dropping extra harvest upon withering
  • Potentially fixed issue where you could sometimes get stuck in the Upgrade Depot
  • Fixed issue where animals could walk up to the Merchant Landing Pad and block Merchant from spawning
  • Fixed several issues related to the alteration of landscape materials and grass (paths, constructs, fields, etc.), especially in multiplayer
  • Fixed issue where Pondpitcher Sprouts could not be put into any storage building
  • Fixed issue where certain text elements in the Tractor Mode menu were not center-aligned
  • Fixed issue where the Medium option for UI Text Size setting was not showing the correct font style format
  • Fixed issue where holding the interact button while opening storage would also immediately open the sorting menu
  • Fixed Mech Modules not showing “P.I.C.K.-Axe required” prompt when looking at them with a different tool equipped

Steer your mech on over to our Discord server and let us know if we missed any bugs, or report them using the in-game feedback tool. Together we make the Frontier the best it can be!

Happy farmin’ and explorin’!

Join us on our journey

Join us on our journey