Patch Notes March 23

We hear your feedback! Here’s the first patch with some fixes coming your way in a patch today!

Hello, Exofarmers!

It’s been an absolute joy watching so many players enjoy Lightyear Frontier! We’ve listened to your feedback and thanks to the help of our awesome community, we’ve been able to track down some sneaky bugs that managed to make their way into the Frontier.

New Features

  • Added ability to configure control mappings in the settings menu
  • Added option to toggle PIP-3R ambient dialogue


  • Reduced the scale of the Beach Chair
  • Updated cost for the “Inventory Capacity I” upgrade
  • Added LODs to skeletal meshes for optimization
  • Slightly increased speed at which mechs attach to the Upgrade Dock
  • Improved replication of mech movement
  • Updated mech part icons
  • Removed the end of Early Access splash screen
  • Bigger storage capacity for all storage constructs
  • Decreased occurrence of all PIP-3R ambient dialogue
  • Raised the position of in-world player name tags to decrease model overlap
  • Removed “Controls” window accessible from pause menu (superseded by new “Input Mappings” tab in settings menu)

Bug fixes

  • Iterated on the collision of a decorative plant
  • Fixed a small issue in Lola’s texture
  • Fixed the Color Refiner hologram bug
  • Fixed various crashes
  • Fixed issue where you could get stuck on the “Checking for rewards…” popup
  • Fixed issue where upgrading your Mech as a Client could take more resources than intended
  • Fixed issue where you could get stuck on the Vault puzzle after partially completing it and then saving and loading the game
  • Fixed issue where a treasure in Edge Cliffs and Stepstone Peak would fall through the ground
    • This will only be solved on new save files, the progress was still tracked for players who had unrooted the treasure
  • Fixed the Assembler menu executing the “Craft Max” command shortly after being opened under certain conditions
  • Added text support for Devanagari, Bengali, and Basic Greek
  • Tool Wheel now updates properly if open while picking up additional ammo
  • Decreased the threshold for registered gamepad stick inputs in radial menus
  • Fixed issue regarding Custom Marker placement getting stuck on invisible blocker walls
  • Xbox builds now defaults to the correct input mode and shows the correct button prompts

We are still on the look-out for more things to fix and bugs that need to be squashed – so please continue to use the in-game feedback tool or join our Discord, we appreciate every report!

Join us on our journey

Join us on our journey