Patch Notes March 27 (v 0.1.373)

Hold on to your visor, folks, we squashed a lot of bugs in this one!

Hello, Exofarmers!

We’ve been working hard to roll this patch before the Easter Holidays so y’all can enjoy an improved mech farming experience over the long weekend ahead! Hold on to your visor, folks, we squashed a lot of bugs in this one!


  • Using the “Help I’m stuck” option inside the Vault will now take you out of the Vault, and reset the Vault progress
  • Added a failsafe to grant player the Vault reward if they somehow managed to finish the Vault and get out without picking it up
  • Tweaked Hydro Splash size to work more as intended
  • Increased maximum field of view to 150 (PC only)
  • Decreased minimum field of view to 60 (PC and Xbox)
  • Removed “Clam Filtering” request from Ulf
  • Minor update to photo mode HUD layout to accommodate for longer and bigger prompt texts


Bug fixes

  • Significantly reduced the size of save files to fix issue where the game could fail to save after long sessions
  • PIP-3R Ambient Dialogue setting will now be saved between sessions
  • Fixed issue where pickups would often fly away far behind you if you tried to use the  Vacuum Harvester while moving
  • Fixed rare crash when gathering items with the Vacuum Harvester
  • Fixed issue with plots were the mounds would stay when the plot was destroyed
    • Existing floating mounds will disappear and decay after a while if player leaves them untouched
  • Sign Post menus can now be exited without also opening the pause menu
  • Added an additional timeout to “Checking for Rewards”-prompt to prevent getting stuck forever
  • Fixed Irrigation Hose charging effects not replicating correctly in multiplayer
  • Fixed issue regarding silos letting you attempt to add more items even though it would exceed the weight limit
  • Added missing UI feedback prompt when trying to add items to an already full silo
  • Fixed issue regarding loss of gamepad UI navigation when opening an inventory menu with too many items
  • Fixed issue with some construct holograms that did not save correctly
  • Fixed issue where entering and exiting vault would cause new duplicated resources to spawn for the host
  • Fixed issue where you’d go back to your initial spawn location if you saved the game in the vault elevator after just leaving the vault
  • Fixed issue where clients could sometimes get stuck in the vault after rejoining a saved game
  • Vault cables will now reset when loading the game to fix issues where they could get stuck under the ground/other side of walls
  • Fixed issue regarding Buy/Sell entries being interactable while not being on screen in the merchant menu
  • Fixed issue regarding sprout cannon getting stuck on “On Cooldown” prompt while not having any ammo
  • Fixed issue regarding clients not receiving UI prompt when a mech part failed to spawn on dock
  • Fixed issue regarding interact button prompts stop showing on HUD after you looked at an inactive animal nest
  • Fixed issue regarding “Fertilized” status UI not resetting properly when looking away from a mound
  • Fixed compost to have correct amount of items spawned
  • Fixed so that hazard events won’t start while player is in day transition animation
  • Fixed issue regarding Fertilizer indicators still being visible even though the plant had gone past the “Seed” growth stage
  • Fixed issue where spawning hazards could get stuck in the air around the Dam
  • Players will now go into Emergency Protocol if they go to the area behind the Dam
  • Fixed issue with items in production becoming done right when clicking sleep and not during the night
  • Fixed issue with pickups not despawning correctly
  • Fixed item pickups not being saved
  • Fixed some inputs potentially blocking others, e.g. binding “Toggle Map Menu” to “D-Pad Up” would block “Next Setting” in photo mode
  • Fixed fully upgraded and fully charged Hydro Splash sometimes not fully watering small plants/soil
  • Fixed issue regarding signpost display text starting as “Text Element” instead of being blank
  • Fixed issue regarding Small Sign not saving text between sessions
  • Fixed issue regarding button prompts on hologram contribution UI showing keyboard keys on Xbox Series S
  • Fixed rain and other ambient particle effects sometimes being in the wrong location relative to the player
  • Fixed issue regarding Next Setting and Previous Setting bindings for Photo Mode not accepting held input
  • Added missing physical material on coal. Should now be more effective to gather with the spike saw
  • Fixed various crashes

Let us know over on our Discord if this patch did indeed fix the things and hopefully we can say good bye to the gravity defying plot mounds once and for all!

Happy farming, folks!

Join us on our journey

Join us on our journey