Outset Grasslands - Morning theme

Zone 1

Outset Grasslands

You might’ve had a rough ride, but you definitely landed in a good spot!

You made a heck of an entrance, huh? There’s worse places to start from, though, and after looking around you’ll see why: Everything you need to get a homestead started out here is right next to you! The stones, the trees, the pond, you’ll be able to use all of it and get up and running in no time.

Lucky enough, you've already got basic research to conduct. First, though, take a look around, haul some rocks and lumber together and you’ve got yourself a solid nest egg of resources to start putting up buildings! Which leads to the first and foremost thing on the checklist: Starting a farm.

You’ve got enough space to put a little plot down for yourself, and better yet, there's new plants and seeds to gather nearby! The soil’s rich and the weather’s perfect for growing, so be sure to plant them as soon as you’re done putting together that growing plot.

The other thing is, you’ll need some water to nourish those crops, so let’s pay a visit to the pond you’ve landed next to!

Much to Pond-er

This should be plenty to keep your plants watered, no problem. Thankfully, PIP-3R’s spotted some cloud formations in the atmosphere, and that means rain’ll come your way sooner or later to cover the crops as well; if you pull too much water, you won’t have enough to manage your fields, so go easy on expanding too quickly, okay? Plus, if you look closely, you’ll see a few fish living happily in there, so look out for them, too.

…And Beyond

Once you feel nice and comfortable leaving your new patch be, why not take a look around? While you were busy leaping before you looked, you might’ve caught a glimpse of a big planet for you to check out. Might be a good chance to find some new and alien life while stretching your mech’s legs, yeah?

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