Devlog: Improved Item and Storage Management

Get to know the folks behind Lightyear Frontier as they introduce some of the most exciting new features in our first update!

Howdy, exofarmers! The long-awaited update is finally upon us! We’ll be Making it Home very soon! Leading up to the update, y’all are in for a real treat – we’ve got a series of devlogs lined up to give you a sneak peek at what’s coming. Now, let’s get into it!

Make Organizing Easy with Improved Item and Storage Management

First up is Anton, here to spill the beans about some of YOUR most requested features that are now making their way into the game! Yeehaw!

Howdy, Anton! Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hello! I’m a Senior Programmer here at FRAME BREAK. As we’re a pretty small team, my role can be quite varied in what it entails! It generally ranges from implementing a variety of new features, fixing bugs (and sometimes creating bugs…), to higher-level tasks like communicating with our Microsoft partners for our Xbox version or about PlayFab, and helping and teaching our more junior developers.

What new features can we look forward to in the upcoming update?

Some of the most requested features from our players have been various Quality of Life improvements. So for the Making it Home update, we’ve added a couple of improvements to our item and storage management. These are not the only improvements we want to make, but I believe it to be a great first step in helping our players enjoy these parts of the game a bit more!

Give us some details, will ya?

  1. Get ready for a smoother storage experience! Items will now enter Storage boxes with just a touch! This allows you to manually pick up items using your trusty P.I.C.K Axe and toss them into boxes, much like you could already do with your mech. Plus, when you place boxes next to constructs like the Grinder and Oil Press, processed items will slide right into the box!
  2. Introducing Quick Deposit functionality! With this nifty new feature, you can whisk items into Storage boxes in the blink of an eye. If a Storage box already has similar items, Quick Deposit automatically pulls matching items from your inventory, making organization a breeze.
  3. No more hunting for items in a chaotic inventory! The order of items in your inventory and in boxes previously seemed somewhat random. Now, you have the option to sort them by item Type, Weight, or Value. This change should make it much easier finding similar items and identifying those causing you to become over-encumbered!

So long to the mess, and howdy to tidy storage! What’s your part in wrangling up these here exciting new features?

Implementing these new features has been a collaborative effort between me and the designers on our team. Together, we figured out what we considered to be the best improvements we could make to enhance the Quality of Life of our Storage boxes. After that, I created a couple of prototypes of our ideas until we were all happy with the final results!

Y’all’s support means the world to us, and we’re always all ears for your ideas and suggestions on how to make Lightyear Frontier the very best it can be! Drop on by our Discord server whenever y’all get the chance! And don’t forget to let us know what y’all think about these new features making their way with the Making it Home update soon!

Catch y’all in the Frontier!

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Join us on our journey