June 2024 News: An Update is on the Horizon

Get your chromaize popcorn ready as we break down this month’s news for y’all!

Water your crops! June has arrived, and we’ve got a heap of fun stuff lined up for ya this month! Get your hands on Lightyear Frontier with a 25% discount, give your mech a fierce new look with the latest login reward, and get excited for a first glimpse of the Making it Home update!

New Mech Parts in Your Mailbox Now

Saddle up and ride your mech into the sunset with the new Hot Rod Ferocious set! Log in to Lightyear Frontier anytime before June 30th to unlock this here mech set, and mosey on over to your in-game mailbox to redeem it!

Read more about it here.

Get Lightyear Frontier with a 25% Discount

We’re mighty thrilled to be part of the Simulator Sale on Xbox and Microsoft Store! Join in on the fun and snag Lightyear Frontier with a 25% discount. The sale runs until June 3rd!

Buy Lightyear Frontier here.

Celebrating Our Coziness

We’re part of the Cozy & Family Friendly Game Celebrations on Steam! We believe creating a cozy homestead is crucial to feeling at home, especially on a far-away planet. That’s why we’ve created a system that rewards you with bonus effects in-game for taking your sweet ol’ time to decorate.

Learn about the in-game Coziness here.

Here’s a first gnome… I mean GLIMPSE of what’s comin’!

We’re busy putting the finishing touches on our upcoming update. While we’re keeping the release date under wraps a bit longer, here’s a little sneak peek just for y’all:

We hope y’all are as excited as we are! As always, we’re mighty thrilled to have y’all with us on our journey to full release, and we’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Swing by our Discord server when y’all get the chance!

See y’all in the Frontier!

Join us on our journey

Join us on our journey