Lightyear Frontier Releases Into Early Access March 2024

Your life on the Frontier is just around the corner!

Look! There it is, on the scanner! It’s coming into view!

Boy howdy, what a pretty sight. A beautiful, lush world, just waiting to be explored and primed to make your new home. With your satellite pal, your trusty mech, and some good hard work, you’ll turn your patch of planet into a cozy, sustainable homestead to call your own.

We’re thrilled to announce that Lightyear Frontier is releasing into Early Access, March 2024! Start your journey with up to three friends on PC, Xbox Series S|X, or Xbox Game Pass!

It’s been a long time coming, and we can’t wait to see Lightyear Frontier out in the wild. We’re in the final stages of getting things ready for launch, and we’ll have more to share soon on that front! That being said, we’ve got a handy roadmap to share with y’all to let you know what we’ll be working on in the coming months post-launch!

LIGHTYEAR FRONTIER - LIVING CONTENT ROADMAP COLUMN 1: Game Preview/Early Access Release - Journey begins! COLUMN 2: MINI UPDATE 1 - Quality of Life improvements and accessibility improvements, bug fixes and feature tweaking COLUMN 3: MEGA UPDATE 1 - Broadening the base game experience, New features (Neighbor friendship system, keep animals on your farm, and much more) COLUMN 4: MINI UPDATE 2 - Community requested features COLUMN 5: MEGA UPDATE 2 - Expanding the world, progressing the story (New features: What's beyond the dam, more crops, animals and upgrades, new secrets to uncover) UNDER COLUMNS: FUTURE - More areas, neighbors, plants, animals and upgrades, Community-suggested content, story development and conclusion; The roadmap will continually be updated as development progresses

Your voice is going to be even more important as we go forward! We’ll be working on the game based on our roadmap, and with each new update, we want to get your thoughts on how Lightyear Frontier is progressing. The feedback we’ve received from folks so far has been crucial, and we want to continue that trend as we go! Once we get to that point where we’re ready for your input, we’ll say so.

The support you’ve shown for us has been incredible, and we’re truly grateful that you’ve stuck with us throughout our development. We want Lightyear Frontier to be a special experience for everyone looking to start their own plot, and with your help, we’re excited to see what comes next!

Stick around, because we’ll have more updates coming before the year’s out! YEEHAW.

Join us on our journey

Join us on our journey